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Surf Anywhere, Anytime with the Most Advanced eFoil You Can Own...Take Adventure Back!


" I have been on all forms of boards and the Lift eFoil is by far my favorite machine of all times. I can be surfing anywhere, anytime in a matter of minutes for up to 2 hours or more, with the folding prop. Not to mention, change fins and change your ride! "

- H Babb


" The best investment I have ever made for my happiness "

- Jim W

Here is What Laird Hamilton Has to Say About Lift eFoils

'The eFoils are crazy good for not only training, exploration, sharing...an incredible platform' Laird H

Why wait when you could be having the time of your life today and every day from here on out, whether there are waves or not!

How to Get Your eFoil Lesson or Free...

Get a lesson and get $250 of your purchase of any Lift eFoil!

STEP 1: Book a Lesson

Click the "Book Now" link and find a time that works best for your family.

If you can not find your time, text or call 843-865-6100

STEP 2: Experience The Magic

Come on out for the best experience you will have on Hilton Head Island! You are guaranteed to be up and

STEP 3: Get Your Code

After your lesson, connect with Heath and get your personal code to get you $250 off your purchase of any Lift eFoil

Electric Surf (eFoil) Line-up

There is Something for Everyone in This eFoil Quiver

4'2" Pro

4'9" Sport

5'4" Cruiser

5'9" Explorer

Every lift 3 is Customizable to Fit You Perfectly

Did we mention that all Lift eFoils come with a 2 year warranty and a world class service department?

  • Design Your Board

  • Choose Your Color

  • Decide Your Mast Length

  • Pick Your Front Wing

  • Set-up Your Rear Wing

  • Decide Which Battery

  • Adjust Your Prop Configuration

  • Add Any upgrades

Lift 3

New Colors

Lift 3F

Surf Foils V2

Classic Wings

eFoil Folding Prop

High Aspect Wings

eFoil Mast Sizes

Tail Wings

Lose It For Good

Start feeling your best by looking the way you want. Together we help find the right way to lose the weight and keep it off for good, and with fad diets!

Ready For Something Different

Start doing what you and your body need now, and stop doing what you thought you needed in your 20s. Life has changed, you have changed ...and so have your needs!

Love Like Minded Women

We coach in a small group setting because the power of community can move mountains. This way you get a personal coach and a group of friends!

There is nothing like it on earth!

From your first ride you will be hooked.

Don't forget to ask how to get $250 off the purchase price of a new eFoil.

The Best Thing to Do On Hilton Head

Since Dolphins Started Swimming

Better than any dolphin tour, kayak trip, boat rental or parasailing Hilton Head has...guaranteed!

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